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Also, don't forget to print out the Certificate

of Completion
at the end so you can turn it

in to your Professor to receive lab credit!


When you are finished with this tutorial

if you  want to find the Learning Express

Library you must first login to




Then, click on the Library tab at the top

 left of the page.


In the center of the next page Click on

the Find Articles in Databases -

Journals, Magazines, etc.



From the alphabetical listing on the next

page, click on the Letter L.
In order to use Learning Express Library

you must register and create an account.


If you use your personal email address you

will be able to access the Learning Express

  through your public library between

semesters. Plano, Frisco and McKinney Public

Libraries all have a subscription to it.



The Collin Databases are only available to

currently enrolled students
, faculty and staff.




At the top of the screen, click on 'Register'

to set up your account as a new user or

Sign In
, if you've already Registered.


Learning Express Library does not

share your information. You will not

receive any emails or advertisements

from them!

This is the new Learning Express

Library start page.


The Learning Express Library currently

has over 1,000 online tutorials, videos,

practice tests, and Electronic Books

for all ages and learning styles.

If you click on Centers you get a list of all

the wonderful help available in the 

Learning Express Library.


Career Center Plus

Job and Career Accelerator

High School Equivalency Center

College Admissions Test Prep Center

School Center

College Success Center

Adult Core Skills

Computer Skills Center

Recurses Para Hispanohablantes


           Click on the Adult Core Skills Center


This center contains resources to improve 

basic skills in reading, writing and math.

Prepare for the GED test or Study to

become a U.S. citizen.





Click on Improve your Writing,

Speaking, and Grammar and then on the Writing

Skills Tutorial.


Which of the choices are you currently on?




Click the Start Tutorial under "Writing

Skills Tutorial."



What is the title the Lession 1 under PreWriting?


 Let's Look at Unit 5: Editing II


Whose name was misspelled on the birthday cake?

Click the Post-Test links at the bottom.


How much time are you allotted if you take the post test?


 Click Centers on the top toolbar

and choose Career Center Plus.

Prepare for a professional exam...

Do you want to find out about a particular

occupation or improve your workplace

? Choose the Career Center

and "begin your path to a bright future."



Click on Learn More About a career:



How many career fields are listed?


 Click on Prepare for an Entrance Exam:



For what field of work will these tests prepare you?




Click on Job Search and Workplace Skills -

Open "Interview with Confidence."



What kind of resource did you find here?


Now let's click on the Home

link at the top of the page and select

Computer Skills Center:


If you're looking to keep up, stay competitive,

or get ahead, you'll need to know how to

use today's most popular computer programs,

including Microsoft Word, Excel,

PowerPoint, Outlook, and more!

These courses are designed to fit your

current skill level and schedule.


Click on Popular Software Tools



How many computer program tutorials are listed in the dropdown link? Only count one version of the software.



Microsoft Access 2013

Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Outlook - Basic/Int./Adv.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - Basic/Int./Adv.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft SharePoint Designer

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Word 2016



Want to learn Computer graphics or



Click on the link.



Which computer graphics program tutorials are listed here?




Photoshop CS5 & CS6

Illustrator CS5 & CS6




The fastest and easiest way to learn

how to use a computer is with video

tutorials. You can learn computer

basics quickly and become comfortable

with everything your computer has to offer.

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7


Click the Home icon at the top of the page.

Click on the Job & Career Accelerator



 Click the Explore Occupations link

at the top of the page. Choose In-Demand

Occupations - Be sure to scroll down

the list to see all the choices!


Choose one of the groups that interests you

and explore the available resources. There

are Wages and Trends for each State,

Skills and Abilities , Educational

Requirements, Tools and Techniques

necessary to perform specific occupations.



If you're unsure what you want to do in the

future, take the "Interest Matcher

"Quiz." Answer 60 questions and get

occupation suggestions based on your


 Click Search for Jobs or Internships.

Select a general career path you're

interested in.

Example: Business, Hospitality, etc.




Want to build a Resume and Cover

! Click the Alt back arrow a few

times to to get back to the Home Page.

Let's visit the College Center Plus!

This center provides valuable resources

that help college students strengthen

their academic skills, prepare for

placement exams, and get ready for

graduate school entrance exams.

Getting into the college of your choice

after Collin is an important step to

building a strong future. The College

Prep Center will help you plan a personal

essay that highlights your special talents.

Use this center to get the resources you

need to achieve your college preparation


Well, we hope you have discovered and will use

all the wonderful resources available to you

through the Learning Express Library!

Don't forget to print out the Certificate of

Completion if you're completing this

tutorial for English Lab credit!

Happy Searching!


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