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is primarily an image database. It contains

"more than 2.5 million images of the world's

cultural heritage." If you need information about

an artwork or artist you will want to use the

Grove Art or Art Full Text databases. You

may browse ARTstor without Registering but

you cannot save images, create groups of

images or print images unless you register.

Please Login or Register (on campus). The

registration must go through the college IP

address! After you Login or Register, you will

be able to access ARTstor from off campus

for a period of 120 days.


If you're viewing this tutorial for English

Lab credit
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This is the ARTstor registration page.

I promise they don't sell your email

address or send you unwanted emails

or advertisements. Please double click

on the image to enlarge it.





You will see your name in the upper

right of the page after you login.







ARTstor has recently instituted a "Copyright

Checkpoint," which states "Images in

the Artstor Digital Library may be used for non-

commercial, educational purposes if you abide

by the Artstor Terms and Conditions." These

terms and conditions basically state that you

may use images from ARTstor for educational

purposes only. There are a few images that are

copyright free but most are not. Please do not

use them for a personal or commercial website,

video or blog.




You may Browse ARTstor by Collection,

Classification, or Geographical



Browse by Collection (individual museums

or private collections)





Browse by Classification - type of art -

For example, paintings, drawings, sculpture,

etc. Notice there's Science, Performing Arts,

Film, Fashion, Garden and Landscape, and 

many other options.






Browse by Geography

This is determined by where the work is

located and the nationality of the creator.


The list ends with the country of Zimbabwe.

To do a general search for an artist or

image enter the name in the Search box.

Let's enter the artist, Andy Warhol, in the

search box. Notice the number of images

our search retrieved.


How many pages of images are there? (hint: look at the top right of your search results)

 Choose the first image on the page of Mao

and double click on it. Notice to the right of

the image are the details about the image.

The artist's name is hyperlinked. Please click

on the Andy Warhol hyperlink. On the next

page scroll down to the bottom of the page

and choose "Fifth New York" theater ticket.

In the item details it says,"printed along

the bottom: Andy Warhol..." We

can enlarge the image and see the


 Click the four arrow square on the right side

of the toolbar. This enlarges the image and

takes away the description. Now use the plus

icon to enlarge the image a couple of times.

When you see this icon, hold your mouse

down over it and move the image or to the

side until you can clearly see the bottom of

the ticket. 

What is the year of Copyright for the List Art Foundation ticket?

Click the Exit link at the top right of the
page. Let's go back to our results page.
Click on it at the top of the page.

Please click the Search within results

box at the top of the page. Enter 

Marilyn Monroe. Don't delete the 

information already in the search box.

How many images of Marilyn Monroe are there? Choose the number closest to your search results as images are still being added added to the collection. 

 When you're using Artstor, you can 

 always click on the Artstor icon at the top

of the page to get back to the home page. 

Please click on it now.

Let's do an Advanced Search.

Click the Advanced Search link is under

the regular search box. Double click the

image below for instructions.

Please do the same search as shown in

the screenshot. Let's take a look at

the "Ocean Life" a watercolor  by Christian

Schussele. "Schussele was the first professor

in drawing and painting at the Pennsylvania

Academy of the Fine Arts... He was chiefly a

genre, history painter and portrait painter

yet his subject matter occasionally reflected

Philadelphia’s scientific tradition, as in

this watercolor. Remember to double click

on the image to enlarge it. This is really

a fascinating look at a collection of sea




One of the earliest American

submarine illustrations, this picture was

executed expressly for lithographic

reproduction in a pamphlet of the same

title published in Philadelphia in 1859.

James M. Sommerville (1825 -1899), a

physician, amateur naturalist, member

of the Academy, as well as an artist and a

trustee of the Pennsylvania Academy and was

probably the designer of the watercolor.

He collected the specimens, wrote the text

of the pamphlet and lithographed the image"

(from ARTstor). It's unusual to see two

names listed in the description of a work of

art. Look at the Open ARTstor box below

most of the images. This means those

images are copyright free and may be used for

any purpose. This is very unusual in ARTstor.


 Let's look at the citation for this watercolor.




Christian Schussele, 1824-1879; James

     M. Sommerville, 1825-1899. Ocean Life.




I find it strange that Sommerville is included

in the citation when he didn't do the painting.




 One of the great features of ARTstor is

the ability to create individual groups of

images. Click the ARTstor icon to get back to

the original start page. Please enter marilyn

monroe (No need for capitalization in



How many results did you get?


Let's say, you have an assignment to 

do a presentation for your class

about the life of Marilyn Monroe.

It might be nice to include some photos

in your presentation. Notice, there are

13 pages of results.




We can go through the images and choose

some that might best describe her life. The

fourth image in the first page is an iconic

photograph that was considered a bit

scandalous in the 50's. When you mouse

over the images you can see a box to the

upper right of all the images. I've selected

8 images from this first group. You must

be registered and logged in to do this so

just follow along for the next few steps.

Hopefully, you can see the 8 images I 



I'll go up to the Organize tab and

select save images to a new image



 This is the message you get when you

click create.

 Here is my new group of images. Notice

they're sorted alphabetically.

My group of images is at the bottom.

I'll click on the title 2020 Marilyn.


Double click the image to see the

options for viewing.


 I'm going to have ARTstor transfer my

images into a PowerPoint file.You may also

export it as a zip file and save it to a flash

drive or your computer.

I'll go to my downloads and there's my
PowerPoint presentation.





When I open PowerPoint in Slide Show, all
the information about each image is included
in the notes page.
Each individual user may download 2000
images within a 120 day period.



Now let's go back to the ARTstor home page.

Click on the ARTstor icon on the top left

of the page. Under BROWSE, Double Click

on Collection. Scroll down and find the

Dallas Museum of Art

Click the + icon to the left of the name

to open up the folder.


Approximately, how many images from the Dallas Museum of art are in ARTstor? Images are added quite frequently so pick the number closest to your answer.



Click on the + icon by Paintings to open

the Folder


How many geographical areas are represented in the Paintings Category?


Double click to open

the Folder.


How many Paintings from North America are in ARTstor?


Once again, let's search within this

category. Please enter, church, frederic. 



This brings up The Icebergs, one of

Frederic Church's most famous paintings.

It is currently hanging in the Dallas

Museum of Art. Take a few minutes

to zoom in and move around the painting.

You can actually see the painters brush

strokes in the details. See if you can find

the artist's signature in the painting.

He also included the year it was finished.

What year was The Icebergs painted?

We have really only touched the surface

of all the features available in ARTstor.

There is a great Help section so take

advantage of it! Thanks for following

along with the ARTstor tutorial!

Please remember to respect ARTstor's

copyright request to only use their images

for educational purposes!

Another feature we haven't mentioned, is 

that as a registered user, you may upload

some of your own images and create

individual "Personal Collections." That's 

a topic for another tutorial.

Enjoy using ARTstor 

If you're watching this tutorial for English

lab credit, please don't forget to print

out the Certificate of Completion on the 

next page. Otherwise, if you are finished,

just logout.


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